Mae'lu - Backstory

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Mae'lu - Backstory

Post by Khana on Sun Mar 19, 2017 12:32 am

Mae'lu was born to a group of gypsies, who's main source of income was performing or selling exotic clothing and jewelry to towns they passed through. Her mother was a dancer and she learned that skill, and takes after her the most. Though she would appear human, Mae'lu is only half. However, due to the promiscuous nature of her people, she grew up never knowing her father or his race. This has caused many issues for her growing up, and though she learned her mother's flirtatious nature, she is rather reserved when it comes to things of a sexual nature.

Years passed, and when her troupe stopped in a port town, she grew attached to the sea. And that was when she awoke to her powers as an oracle. It spoke to her in ways others couldn't understand, dancing on the shore as it did. She had always loved the rivers and streams they'd frequent as a child, but never had the power spoken to her so. And with that sense of a greater calling, she left her fellow gypsies behind, venturing forth to find this destiny the waves spoke of.


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